1. Where in the US would you most like to visit? 2. What is your best ghost story? 3. Which tumblrs are your favorite and who should I follow?

1. I really really want to see the west coast in general!!! I have never swam in an ocean and id like to pretty bad 2 ghost story?? Idk a teenager died in my moms house does that count? 3. I’m sorry I suck and can’t keep track of who’s tumblrs I like :(

1. Do you have a boyfriend 2. If not are you looking for one? 3. Who are your top 3 crushes?

1. No 2. Not actively no that’s a weird thing to do 3. Oof I’d rather not say unless they can be celebrities —-> tom hardy tom hardy and tom hardy

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Bikini Kill sucks

The underwire on my favorite bra is starting to poke my armpit and I’m sad and don’t want to throw it away