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hola Im a freak,shes a freak, your a freak. we're all freaks, When its time to transcend beyond to the next level above. will i see you? are you one thats gonna make it>?> can you do what has never been done? can you see what needs to happen in order to burst the bubble everyone has been living so blindly in? im Jawey (jah-way) take it or leave it im just walkin by saying high

Oi oi! Thanks for sayin hi and stayin high freaks live on ghoulies live forever and cretins hop

I jerked off to your bands video.


Hey, I saw a photo you posted that said "cryogenics first show." Do you know where I can listen to any of the music?

We don’t have anything recorded yet! But a demo will be out soon!! We only have a video of the 1st show!